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Help your team stay on schedule with sprints 💪

Sprints are an easy way to ensure your team is sticking to a schedule. In order to access the sprints feature, you'll need to use the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template from the Template Gallery.

When you add the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template to your workspace, you'll see four new pages in your sidebar:

  • Tasks: Database of all your tasks, showing their related projects and sprints.

  • Projects: Database of projects, where you can easily view all of the tasks within a project.

  • Sprint board: Board that shows the tasks for the current sprint.

  • Sprints: Database of current, future and past sprints.

Your Sprint board and Sprints database

The Sprints database will give you a higher view of your current and future sprints. You can select any sprint's page to view its tasks. You'll also notice a Timeline view which gives you a more linear look at sprints.

Sprint board is where you'll likely go consistently to track your tasks. You'll notice three default views.

  • Current Sprint: Shows tasks in the current sprint.

  • Sprint planning: Shows tasks in the current sprint, next sprint and any tasks without an assigned sprint.

  • Backlog: Shows tasks with no sprint assigned.

  • If you haven't already, add the "Projects, Tasks, Sprints" template to your workspace.

  • In the Sprints database, click New at the bottom.

  • Give your sprint a name, start date, and end date.

Planning a sprint

  • In the Sprint board, go to the Sprint planning view.

  • Move any unfinished tasks from your current sprint or from the backlog into the next sprint.

Completing a sprint

What happens when you complete a sprint:

  • The status of your Current sprint will be changed to Past. The status of the Next sprint will be changed to Current.

  • The tasks on the board will reflect the new Current sprint.

  • A new Next sprint will be created if none exists.

  • In the Sprint board, go to your Current sprint.

  • On the right side, click button Complete sprint.

  • You'll be asked to confirm the dates of your next sprint and what you'd like to do with the incomplete tasks. Click Complete Sprint.

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