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Code blocks
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Code blocks are useful to demonstrate programming concepts, share code with other developers, or maintain your own library of code snippets. They also make it a breeze to copy any amount of code to your clipboard to use elsewhere 🕹️

On any Notion page, you can create a code block to display code so that it's broken out from the rest of your content and formatted by language.

  • Click the + that appears to the left when you hover over a new line. Choose Code and press enter. Alternatively, type /code and press enter.

  • With your new code block in place, click inside it to type or paste your code.

We support syntax highlighting for a number of programming languages. To change the display language of your code:

  • Click the name of the language at the top left of the code block.

  • Type in the name of your programming language to search, then press enter to select.

To eliminate side scrolling and create a line break at the edge of your code block:

  • Hover over the code block and click ••• at the top right or ⋮⋮ on the left. You can also right click on the block itself.

  • Switch on the Wrap code option.

Hover over your code block to reveal the Copy and Caption buttons at the top right.

  • Click Copy, and your code is ready to paste into your editor or wherever you want to share it.

  • Select Caption and enter whatever you want to say about the code!

  • Click the ••• menu for even more options.

Note: This button is invisible to users who have "Can view" permission levels on the page.

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