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Notion for managers

Custom workflows to help manage your team better

Connect the dots for your team. It’s one tool where work comes together — planning, people, meeting notes, projects, and more.

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Efficient teams keep their information accessible

Fewer questions or pointless meetings — everyone saves time when each team has a home for their information, where answers are easily found.

We have everything in one place — org structure, OKRs, everything you need to understand how the company is organized and works together. It makes a big difference.

William Fong

Co-founder & CTO, Boxed


Less emails, meetings, and pings to get up to speed on projects

Whether you want a high-level look or the project specifics, managers use Notion to customize how they see their work, surfacing relevant info in a flash.

You can get all the information you need in one Notion project page, whether you want an overview or to dive into the details.

Kip Price

Director of Engineering, Codecademy


Customize your tools to actually fit your team

Start with a template, modify it however you want, or build and scale your own systems fast.

Notion is the one hub where you can bring everything together, that people from all teams feel comfortable using and adding to every day.

Justin Goff

Product Manager, Duolingo

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Migrate without the hours of manual work

We have Confluence, Google Docs, Asana, and Trello importers that make it easy to move over all your files stress-free.

Notion import options

A workflow for every team

Notion isn’t just for managers. It’s a place for all functions to come together, with custom solutions for any problem.


Get your work into the world quicker with user research and cross-functional projects in Notion.


Ship features faster with sprint tasks, code guidelines, bug fixes & more, all in one place.


Build a consistent design language by uniting assets, guides, and prototypes in Notion.

Try Notion today

Get started for free, then add your whole team.

Eve Warren

Recently got into using @NotionHQ to help break down tasks for myself and have found sharing Notion documents with my team helpful as I struggle with breaking down verbal briefs as dyslexia can mess with my memory. Often tasks can get lost in chat channels.

Mathias Meyer

Been working with @NotionHQ over the past couple of weeks as our new knowledge base and collaboration system (and to keep track of my own work and projects too), and it's an utter delight. Highly recommended tool for distributed teams!

Shahed Khan

Using @NotionHQ to have all meeting agenda, Collab, takeaways & connect back to okrs.

Nick Franklin

Love using @NotionHQ at ChartMogul 😍 they somehow managed to make internal documentation/knowledge-sharing kind of fun and satisfying!

Martina Sartor

@NotionHQ is becoming the go to tool for planning and organising mine and my team planning. Is useful especially when the team and the clients are spread around the world ;) Im looking into create templates that will help with this!

Siqi Chen

Okay @NotionHQ is dope and I’ve already ported a bunch of stuff from @coda_hq and @gsuite. 👍👍 @Confluence next.

For some odd reason I want to describe it like this: @NotionHQ is like @figmadesign but for information.

Nina Ramadhan

is it just me or its just notion >>>>>>>>>> confluence

Ross Simmonds

Here’s how Notion is coming for its competitors: they have an answer for everything.

Storing your important docs in Confluence?

Use Notion instead.

Managing your work via project management?

Notion is better.

Relying on Google Docs and Evernote for note-taking?

Use Notion.

Jeff Shek

There are so many countless times my team has run up to each other - DID YOU KNOW NOTION COULD DO THIS?!?! Thank you SO MUCH for rescuing our souls from the deep pits of JIRA soul-sucking creativity hell. @NotionHQ

Sara Soueidan

Wow, @NotionHQ app makes all the other notes, tasks and project organization apps I used look like apps from the cave age. I’m impressed! 🔥

Steven Schmatz

@NotionHQ made a 10x improvement in my team's capability to store knowledge online. 🔥

Ben Burns

OK folks. I don't say this lightly

@NotionHQ is incredible. They beat out Dropbox Paper, Google Docs, Evernote, ToDoIst and Trello for me. I can store images, moodboards, host and share kanban boards, save code snippets...

Flexible, powerful, intuitive tool. Check it out.

Lauren Harcott

#⃣ Love a #slack channel - write action items immediately after meeting📅Always book next meeting👀Public channels; RIP to DM's📋My team has adopted @NotionHQ to share OKR's - great to see progress🤓Be accountable, call out team members and celebrate together#ManagerChats

Andrew Conner

We have Slack for non-persistent things. And email.

Anything important is in Notion.

David Flatow

.@NotionHQ not only solved a problem for me and my team (well organized collaborative documentation/note-taking), but also fundamentally improved and transformed the way we work together.

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