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Seamlessly connect Notion with Slack so that important updates from one place appear in the other.

You can set up the Notion integration with Slack in a few ways:

  • In Slack: When you paste a link from Notion into Slack, you’ll receive a prompt to Connect Notion.

  • From a database in Notion: Select ••• at the top of the database → AutomationsAdd triggerPage added or Property editedSend Slack notification to....

  • In Notion settings: In the sidebar, select Settings & membersMy notificationsSlack notificationsAdd new account.

When Slack messages turn into an action item or a new idea, send them right to a Notion database so they don't get lost. Here's how:

  1. Enter the command /notion create into Slack, or click next to any Slack message → Send to Notion. You may need to select More message shortcuts... to find this option.

  2. Search for the database where you'd like this new page to live or paste the link to the database. Then give the page a title.

  3. Select Add property to add more information to your new page based on the database’s existing properties.

  4. Check the box next to Confirm page creation publicly if you’d like others in your Slack discussion to be notified of the new database item you’ve created.

  5. Click Save.

Note: The /notion create command only works at the Slack channel level, and not inside of Slack threads.

To create a Notion task directly from Slack:

  1. Enter the command /notion task into Slack, or click next to any Slack message → Create task in Notion. You may need to select More message shortcuts... to find this option.

  2. Search for the project where you'd like this new task to live or paste the link to the Notion project. You can give the task a name, an assignee, status, due date, and description.

  3. Check the box next to Confirm page creation publicly if you’d like others in your Slack discussion to be notified of the new task you’ve created.

  4. Click Save.

Note: The /notion task command only works at the Slack channel level, and not inside of Slack threads.

Get Slack notifications when certain things happen in Notion.

@-mention notifications

Send notifications to Slack whenever you're mentioned in a Notion page, comment, or database.

  1. Go to Settings & members in your sidebar.

  2. Select My notifications.

  3. Open the dropdown next to Slack notifications and select the name of your Slack workspace. You can also select Add new account if you don't see your Slack listed.

Database notifications

You can receive a message in Slack anytime someone adds or makes a change to a page in a database.

  1. Click ••• at the top right of any Notion database.

  2. Select Automations.

  3. Select New automation.

  4. Name the notification and select Add trigger to choose what action will trigger the automation, such as Page added or Any property edited.

  5. Add additional triggers if necessary by selecting +.

  6. Select Add actionSend Slack notification to....

  7. Choose a channel destination for the notification.

  1. Copy a link from Slack and paste it into Notion.

  2. In the menu that appears, select Paste as preview.

You’ll see a preview of the message as well as when it was sent, what channel it was sent to, and how many replies it has. This information will update as it changes; you can also select •••Reload preview to see the latest.

When you paste a Notion link in Slack, it’ll unfurl to provide useful information about your page. For database pages with the AI summary property, Slack will automatically unfurl the AI summary.

You can also grant access permissions to the unfurled Notion page directly from inside Slack.

  1. On a Notion page, click Share.

  2. Click into the search bar.

  3. Select Add contacts from Slack.

  4. Search for the person you want to invite, then select Invite.


Can I choose to use just one part of the integration?

Unfortunately, this is not possible today. When you install Notion’s Slack integration you’ll have the full functionality/all features of the Slack integration.

However, since only users with edit access to a page can set up Notion notifications to Slack, you can control parts of the integration by restricting permissions.

What permission level is required to create a database notification?

A user needs Full Access to a Notion database to be able to set up database notifications.

Anyone with at least View access to a database can see all the existing Slack notifications that have been set up. However, they can’t edit or create any themselves.

How do permissions work when I share a Notion page in a Slack channel?

The user that shares the page will get a prompt informing them some people in the channel don't have access to the doc. The user is then able to decide if they want to share the page with the people that don't have access. They also have the option to delete the page preview in Slack.

Can admins control who can connect Slack to a Notion workspace?

As an admin in Slack you can manage settings that give you approval rights for any Slack integration. The same settings will apply to Notion if you choose to turn them on.

On Enterprise plans, Notion admins can also restrict members from installing the Slack integration using their admin permissions to manage connections.

Where can you view and manage the Slack notifications you've set up in your Notion workspace?

Database notifications can be managed and edited in the the individual database they’ve been created in. There is currently no way to see all database notification workflows in your workspace from one central place.

Personal @-mention notifications can be managed from Settings and membersMy notifications & settings

When one person connects Notion to Slack, does that turn it on for everyone?

No, when one user sets up the integration all Slack users will be able to see an unfurled Notion page link or a Slack link preview in Notion.

But to use the functionality themselves, other users have to connect Slack individually.

How do I send Slack messages to a specific database view?

The easiest way to send a Slack message to a specific database view (e.g. you might have a view for only your team’s tasks), is to copy the link to the database view and paste that link into the send to Notion prompt in Slack.

When you send a Slack message to a specific database view, the properties are auto-filled for you. No need to update them yourself manually!

Does the @-mentioned notification in Slack work when a user is mentioned as part of a group @-mention in Notion?

Yes. A group mention in Notion will trigger the @mention notification in Slack to all members of the Notion group that have the Slack @mention turned on.

Are there other 3rd party integrations providers and can I continue to use them (e.g. Zapier)?

Yes those integrations will continue to work as before

Will this new integration impact how I currently use Slack link previews?

Slack link previews will continue to exist and work normally.

If you'd like to use the new features (send messages to Notion, notifications in Slack, and expandable links) you'll need to re-install the Slack integration here

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